About The Speakers



Alan Reyes


opening keynote speaker

Alan couldn’t believe what he saw! A friend of his volunteered to be hypnotized by the famous hypnotist, Marshall Sylver. In about 20 minutes Marshall changed her personality, her environment, and brought out talents in her that even she did not believe could be possible. How could someone’s behavior change so quickly, decisively, and effectively? Intrigued, excited, and amazed he began his study of the subconscious mind.

Along the way he realized that the images placed in a person’s subconscious mind largely determine their level of success.

Now organizations bring him in to help their associates understand how this happens, and how to easily place productive images into their own minds, and in the minds of those they wish to influence.

It’s wild, fun, fast paced, and intriguing. And when members of your own audience demonstrate the awesome power of their subconscious minds, the entire audience will want to know how to take control of it. Then Alan will show them how to acquire new, productive habits quickly and easily, and stay motivated for the long haul.



mid-day keynote speaker

Dima is Middle-Eastern in her genes, American in her heart, and a global citizen in her spirit. She ignites the untapped potential in individuals across the globe, empowering them to shatter limitations and become courageous, purpose-driven leaders. Her own journey is one of escaping confinement, crossing continents, and transforming her life’s purpose. Harnessing the power of her story, Dima is committed to inspiring individuals to attain
personal and professional growth.

Through keynote speeches, workshops, and executive coaching, Dima shares her unique leadership transformation journey with one goal in mind: motivate and activate those around her to reimagine their potential and grow into leaders.

Dima draws from two decades of corporate experience leading global teams and
developing future leaders worldwide. She has worked across the United States, Europe,Asia, Middle East, and Africa for several Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Intuit. She has honed a keen expertise in developing leaders to meet the demands of the global workforce.

Dima’s memoir Breaking Vases received many awards including Writer’s Digest 2018 Grand Prize Award, Best Indie Book Award, Readers’ Favorite Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and Nautilus Book Award.

She has been recognized for her services with the 2014 President of the United States Bronze Volunteer Service Award, the 2019 Baton Rouge Business Report “Influential Women in Business,” 2014 Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Forty Under 40” Award, and the 2016 Louisiana State University “Esprit de Femme Award.” She has been featured in numerous publications for her professional and philanthropic work.


Commander Drew Brown


closing keynote speaker

Drew was born and raised in New York City on January 20, 1955. He was the only child of Rhoda Palestine and Drew “Bundini” Brown, Jr.

Drew’s father Bundini was the trainer and motivational force behind three-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. His famous slogan “Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee” is timeless and world renown. Brown graduated from Southern University at New Orleans with a major in business administration and minor in economics.

Drew joined the United States Navy where he earned Wings of Gold. He was then assigned to Attack Squadron 35 “The Black Panthers”—the oldest Attack Squadron in Naval Aviation history. At one time, he was the only black Naval jet pilot flying attack aircrafts (A-6 Intruder). Drew flew missions from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-69).

Drew has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the President of the United States, The Freedom Foundation Medal by the US Supreme Court, and the Congressional Black Caucus Male Achievement Award. Among Drew’s other numerous awards is the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Special Salute for outstanding leadership.

Millions of people have seen and heard Commander Drew Brown in person or via his appearances on NBC’s Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CBS This Morning Show, and hundreds of local TV and national radio broadcast. He has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine among other publications.

His autobiography “You Gotta Believe” reached the bestseller list and is in its seventh printing and continues to receive rave reviews.